Tree Spraying

Spraying trees is an important deterrent for invasive insects and diseases that can otherwise cause damage. Larger trees and fruit trees are especially susceptible to infection and infestation. And when they are gone, the consequences are often tragic and expensive.

Tree and shrub spraying is a task that requires a skilled professional and proper tools for safe, even application and clean-up. At-home applications can be messy, done improperly, and expensive because they require routine calendar maintenance. Store bought solutions may also be ineffective and actually damage foliage and structure even more, without getting rid of the problem.

Because of the nature of these dynamic problems, we offer a comprehensive and integrated pest management system that includes insecticides, miticides, or fungicides targeted to your tree needs. We also provide specific pest solutions against grubs, borers, and other insects. Unfortunately, we are unable to do lawns at this time. Contact Andrew Pileggi for assistance.

Here are some informational links on the importance of keeping your trees happy, healthy, and bug free: